Publicado: 28.03.17

Published: 03.28.17


Welcome to our content curation world. It’s really important to us, as an agency that deals with different brand niches, mostly startups. Searching unceasingly, absorbing information and filtering to filter out 5 final posts, is a very powerful exercise, in a reality that we have a massive content production, in its most diverse formats.

And it’s also important to you, that stopped by somehow, and can have a reliable source to keep up with interesting, relevant and sometimes controversial texts. The references are endless and the coolest part of promoting this curation, besides reflecting a culture, is having different perceptions and interpretations about the same subject. Therefore, explore 5 Things, that is specially overflowing content on its first edition.



1. Technology has ruled the way we live since we started understanding ourselves as individuals. The way we behave, communicate, make business, interact with people, consume, think, create, live. So we’d better keep up with the upcoming breakthrough technologies. Though some are unfolding now and others will take a decade or more to develop, you should know about the top 10 technologies that will change your life. Read text #1 here.



2. We’ve been fighting for all sort of women rights. The ones we see as being in our hands are: hiring different women to be part of our team, teaching men how not to be a male chauvinist, how to think about their privilege as men and how to act right to women and not to be conniving to other men. And knowing that a woman is in a great work position and changing the way things are done make us really happy. Kim Thuy Tu calls herself a designer and an Instagram-veteran, so she decided to push her creativity as far as she could, by redesigning Instagram. Quite challenging, huh? Read text #2 here.



3. Speaking of Instagram, it looks like Zuckerberg put himself in the battle of stories function. We can’t confirm if astrology has something to do with it, but we’re pretty sure he kind of overreacted by inserting it on every social media he owns. The immediate effect was a bit controversial, but there’s something we must agree: we’re left Snapchat and so did all your friends. Get to know exactly why. Read text #3 here.



4. One of the greatest challenges of all times is innovating. The way you reinvent yourself, your brand, the way business is done, and influence others, so you can reinvent it all over again. How can it all be measured? The idea of proposing something completely brand-new seems disturbing. Innovation is really hard to pin down, but Ideo studied it in over 100 companies and tried to crack the code. Here’s what they found. Read text #4 here.



5. Creative process is a sensitive issue to many people. It doesn’t matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, you sometimes have problems on giving birth to great ideas, develop them and get to a result you’re proud of. But the question that remains: are we more creative alone or together? Read text #5 here.