Publicado: 03.02.17

Published: 02.03.17


It’s no news to us nor to you that communication ways have changed. We talk about it insistently in our texts, with our clients and among us. We read exhaustively several content vehicles detailing how every niche behaves – without concerning much if each person of each niche is an individual being. This is discomfort, a weigh in communication and in business world. How will my or my client’s brand relate to such plural individuals?


First, when we see a reality that is different from ours or when we face such constant evolutionary changes, as the human being ones, we generally have the habit of:

a) pretending they don’t exist;

b) observing from afar and waiting for a standardization;

c) comparing to your own reality; and the worst of them,

d) judging.

Human being stuff. We can understand the origins of this blockage and strangeness, we just do not condone, though. We’d rather work in a more empathic, open and conscious way, aware of our own limitations and privileges.

Second of all, the theme of this text was created from information inside and outside the Internet, with tons of curiosity and yearning for being better individuals, which ends up reflecting on the way we deal with our job. Thenceforth, we started to relativize the way we communicate and relate. We transported some realities to new behaviors and new ways of communicating. Get along with this new train of thought!


One thing you definitely need to know that exists, it’s real, tangible and completely natural, is the so-called open relationship. Which is simply a relationship as any other, with focus on the wishes, desires, pleasures of the individual, not on the unification of a couple. It’s about understanding that each individual on this relationship is unique, and it’s not (and can’t even be) entirely responsible by the completeness and full happiness of the other individual. You are not in a relationship waiting the other to complete you. You are entire, so the other one can overflow you. And this applies to monogamous relationships as well! After all, if you’re in an open relationship, it will have the shape and the meaning that each one prints on it, it’s a deal made among the present individuals on the relation. If you still rack your brain to get how it works, and wants to demystify the orgy people always make about open relationships, we indicate you to read great texts from Laura Pires, mainly, this one and this one!

OK, but does it have to do with communication?

It’s all about we being more sincere, true and honest on our dialogue. It’s about having ears and mind opened to listen and understand a reality that is not ours. It’s respecting this reality, giving a new meaning to it. It’s about our eternal deconstruction of being, thinking and acting. It’s about being at ease without being comfortable. Understanding that each individual can carry a certain load of changes, since s/he’s willing to do so. Whoever this individual is: a member of our team, partner, prospect, competitor or client.

If before empathy was needed, today is necessary more than putting yourself in the other’s place.

It’s understanding this individual past story. How s/he thinks, what bothers the most, how develops an idea, what’s the perception about the world and people on it, and questions alike. Therefore, dialogue exhaustively, with communication channels and ears wide open to accept this new reality. Understand the relevant points of an open relationship, so you can communicate and comprehend better the people around you. Deconstruct and reconstruct your vision of how to relate, whoever it is, which level it is.

In the end, we don’t know well if we’re in a train of thought that is right, wrong, doubtful, complex, vague, obscure or completely irrational. We get this comparison as being a healthy way to every part. It’s transforming, but as everything in life, we’re experimenting, transforming ourselves and exchanging experiences with other people, until we get where we want to. And then, we do it all over again.