Publicado: 08.09.16

Published: 09.08.16

Judith is not only a cow, it is an icon at the startup ecosystem. It was created in the pastures of Startup Farm, and today, accelerates startups, technologies and applications. It is the patroness cow of the newcomers farmers at Google Campus, and produces the elixir of entrepreneurial life of each one of them.

Startup Farm is largely responsible for the acceleration of our muse. It is also the largest accelerator in Latin America and helps digital entrepreneurs create spectacular start-ups. Always beside who engages and makes it happen, it offers acceleration programs, that provides access to a wide network of mentors and investors.

Being longtime sisters of the Abominable and Blanko, Judith is our first interviewed. In an exclusive for the Abominable Snow Blog, Judith Accelerated speaks about career, tips for entrepreneurs, social networking and a possible crush on Abominable.


1. Hi, Judith! All greeny with you?
Hiiii, honey. Where is the greeny? Oh, my love, I ate everything!

2. Rumor has it you are a favorite icon in start-ups world. How do you deal with fame?
Ohhhh, I’m pretty low-profile, I must say it. But what can I do if these sweeties insist on displaying me on TV, computer and dressing shirts with my gorgeous pic? Because I am a diva, right? True divas are low-profile with style, my love.

3. How is being fed by the Startup Farm?
Don’t speak about them or I’ll cryyyyy! It’s super emotional to be part of this gang of little pretties. I am very spoiled, you know? They remind me every day and in all the things they do. I feel such pride watching lil’ Felipe, Alan and all little pretties go up on stage with my beautiful pic, you know? And then, they make other people go up on stage with me too. And on all of our achievements, they remember of me too! Oh, can I have a tissue? People also take me to other countries, the latests ones were Colombia and Canada. It’s the price of fame, right, babe? But I keep being a diva and low-profile.

4. What must be in your farmer-technological playlist?
Look, babe, the music I like the most is the Gallll – Profane Cow. Hear it out. Profaneee cow, put your horns out and above heeeerd. Oh, oh, is, is, is, owner of divineeee teatsssss. It’s me, huh, prettie? But there are also divas like me, the wonderful Madonna, Mariah, Whitney, all like me, darling.

5. What’s your favorite part of your new house?
Babe, my favorite part? The third floor at Google Campus Sao Paulo is aaaall miiiiiiine, darling! I’m everywhere. But i keep being low-profile, ok?

6. What must have on a killer pitch?
Darling, tell me who is your client and your market potential. The pretties will freak out!

7. Give a fresh green tip for the farmers to come!
Guys, rely on these pretties, you’ll flyyyyy. Rejoice this 5-week experience here at Google Campus and get successful as me! Who does everything right and hit the market, fly away, babe. Fly away indeed. There are some pretties that comes over with no client, gets no money, and leaves here getting both! That’s why they love me so much, you know?

8. Tell us 3 Twitter profiles to follow and other 3 to unfollow.
Oh, babe. Follow Lil Felipe (@felipematos), pretty Alan (@alanleite) and the one who feeds me (@startupfarm). Unfollow? Oh, babe, I don’t want enmities, because I’m a diva and low-profile. I would unfollow all those who don’t respect diversity.

9. From the accelerated ones, which startup lives in your heart?
You know the answer for this one, right? Eu have so much love, honey, impossible, I’m everybody’s. There are over 230 wonderful startups. How can I choose only one?

10. Last question of the day, promise! There’s a friend of ours that asked us not to be identified, but Abominable wants to know if there’s a chance with you.

Ok, babe, a diva never gets tired. I’m avaliable for an 1-hour interview. I’m used to it, huh? Well, the last one who tried was David Bull. Is it happened? I don’t speak about my personal life, babe. I’m a diva. And of course, low-profile.

We only have to thank for the existence and dedicated time of this mammalian with an effervescent brain, ecosystem’s queen of the milky goddesses, quadruped geometrically and sensually bicolor, and low-profile diva. Thanks, Judith, and until the next date. ;)