Publicado: 21.07.16

Published: 07.21.16

People used to say that new generations emerge every 25 years, but we know that nothing lasts forever. Today, not even the passage of time is the same, 24 hours seems not enough and we can barely keep up with all the latest information that come up all the time, thus, the period was reduced to 10 years. It means that each decade will turn up a new lifestyle, that will be a slap in the face of society, and if the most recent of them, Generation Z, has already left the older people slightly lost, imagine what will come up later.

Millenials aka Generation Y are already getting old and boring. Their revolutionary energy and their will to rejoice what the world has to offer, was consumed by difficulties, such as the economic crisis, that didn’t exist in their imagination, fed by successful stories as Zuckerberg’s, and in their protected lives being raised on grandma’s apartment.

And who’s coming there to fulfill this blank space? Oh yeah, Gen Z is here! And where are they? Some of them are 6 years old and already know how to handle and iPad, but can’t even tie their own shoelaces. The older GenZs are getting into the job market, looking for making the diference. They are really young, brand-spanking-new on the market, and are born in middle 90′s, but with tons of ideas in mind.

This new generation is a lot different, of course. Their most remarkable characteristics are having their feet on the ground, being aware of the volatility of things and wanting to make an impact. They also are super diverse and selfless. What calls the most attention, speaking of job market, is their natural entrepreneurship and the disposal to co-create.

In order to get the most of what the beautiful GenZs minds have to show us, it’s not just about hiring them, we’ve got to be willing to adapt ourselves to conquer them. They are the future of corporate relations, they already think of having their own business, and if they’re not with you, they may be working on their own brand/product/company.

The generations conflict is quite normal. With these new professionals landing, some of the main points that will instigate oldschool people, are: the difficulty of listening to others, their personality, the fact that they don’t talk much, and a hard adaptation to drab offices.

With the contrast and need to adapt the system, new proposals to the work environment emerge. And who/ what will these changes affect? It’s simple: everyone and everything. They will be made to adjust what already exists due to the new crew, as the adhesion of a horizontal management, a greater fluidity of the processes and the application of MORE technology.

This generation has barely disconnected to its mom’s umbilical cord and were already online, the analogical to them is the one from PlayStation control, we guess. Remember that.

For those who are already thinking in having GenZs on board of your companies, get your comfy ground ready to get the bright ideas that will emerge quiet and bubbly, and will mold the new market. The best way to deal with what’s new, is respecting and letting it flow on its own way. Just so it can show its best side. Thenceforth, only time will tell, but don’t get used to it, the Alpha Generation – born after 2010 – is already at school and pretty soon lands to change the game all over again, or not. Or indeed. Who lives will see.