Publicado: 14.02.17

Published: 02.14.17

Communication has a range of possibilities, so communicators can send the message through it. There are the ones who have more of a cool and powerful style, the ones who touch deep down in your heart and make a tear run, and the other ones who wants to get a big laugh out of the audience. But attention: what’s the real intention behind the laugh? Being really funny or just a brand with the tone of disguising debauchery with a joke?

Creating pieces of communication demands a smart train of thought to be executed in the most beautiful and coherent way, in order to bring positive results, and who knows, become memorable. Chills and expectations!

We all want to make monsterfucking relevant jobs. Let’s remember, though: what was relevant 5 years ago, last week, yesterday, may not be anymore today. So, let’s be aware and conscious of what we’re creating and communicating!


“I forgot ‘no’ at home. And brought NEVER

But what now? Who can help us?

Let’s help us all together. The humor, touches of irony, infamy and sarcasm of the 80′s/ 90′s/ 00′s were totally different from 2017′s. Starting with the costumes and script, that made the TV programs of that time completely nonsense. Remember TV Pirata, Sai de Baixo, Casseta & Planeta e A Praça é Nossa? Editor’s comment: these are very famous comedy TV programs in Brazil in the 80′s and 90′s. They were big references of that time, mas today, they just don’t fit in the tone. And yes, we always need to understand the current moment. References, scenarios, aesthetics, the role in communication, and the several current movements. Other behaviors, other effervescence, other mindset

Let’s not forget about the commercials! Oh, the commercials… watch for yourself what was on TV 17 years ago and make your own conclusions:

Remember Tio da Sukita? Did you get the pun intended? Well, would it work out today? We don’t think so. If it were transmitted, CONAR would have tons of work to deal with all the notifications. As well as the infamous campaign from Guaraná Antarctica in 2014, with Neymar making little jokes with his foreign friends. On the same year, there was also that Christmas campaign from Chester Perdigão, que received tons of critics from their consumers on social media. Editor’s comments: Sukita and Guaraná Antarctica are soda brands from Brazil. CONAR is the National Council for Self-Regulatory Advertising. Neymar is a Brazilian soccer player. Perdigão is a brand of refrigerated food.

Us, Brazilians, have the malemolence of teasing unique reactions with our creation, a real challenge when we give birth to ideas. It’s an important mission when communicating with such diverse people, and for that, we must read and listen to what’s happening around us (we’ve already talked about roles in communication here, remember?). And being such humorous human beings, our strategy to use our spirit of grace may be fertile, but well-thought. Humor is something that holds and has great appeal, and even though some people say that jokes are not for reflection, today there’s a perception of what’s funny, indeed, what’s not cool at all, or what’s just an absurd.

Using humor depends 100% of the intent, and you can end up shooting yourself in the foot, because humor has some limits on communication (and on life as well). From the moment there’s depreciation or a reinforcement of stereotypes, it’s a sign to STOP. Just kill the idea, even though you think it’s reaaally funny and the brand approves. The least expected from a communication professional is empathy with the public, do the exercise of a human-centered creation. In other words, the limit of the joke goes where the understanding of people’s needs begins, with sense of social responsibility, and not inferiorizing groups or individuals to the detriment of others.

The power of speech on communication is strong enough to perpetuate ideas, positive or not. We should be aware of the details, to the events around us and around the people outside our bubbles. In certain moments, there’s a lack of mindset or just an outsider’s opinion to point some tiny mistake that may flopping the campaign. The first step is stop talking “the world is getting each day more boring”. If your humor is based on the detriment of others, think, rethink, question yourself, and mainly, walk a mile with other people’s shoes.