Publicado: 13.01.17

Published: 01.13.17

Our first business week of the year and we couldn’t return other way, if not making the infamous lists about what we hope for ourselves. To begin, we’re more sensitive, in a way of being more open and perceptive with the several movements that surround us. Social, political, economic, business, and why not, astrologic. So we noticed 2017 kicks off the starts’ movements manifestation, that goes far beyond the horoscope. They are phenomena that have the power of influencing behaviors, trains of thought and diverse ways of being, thinking and acting. A new awakening of a new reality.

The Age of Aquarius don’t let us lie. Guided by intuition and by the feeling of innovation and energy renovation, this age brings a strong social magnetism – almost begging – for more self consciousness and transformation. We’re aware that these phenomena don’t happen from night to day, but we’re in 2017 with heart and mind wide open to receive them all in progression.

As good curious people and enthusiasts-almost-life-mystics that we are, let’s expose our expectations against our reality. What we intend to do, in what is based our transformation and how our beliefs impact in our modus operandi.


1. No bullshit

Taking out the frills of a communication that speaks a lot but says nothing is a goal that we established a long ago. But reinforcing as a vital goal of 2017 is crucial to keep a coherent speech and provoke reactions, with a high-quality content, that gives vent to interpretations and discussions. Please, communicologists, no bullshit this year, please!

2. Transformation inside out

It’s nothing new that in order to change the environment we’re in, we need to provoke changes in our square meter, that won’t also change by itself. As cheesy as it may be. We look at our transformation as being daily fed by anxiety mixed with intuition. It’s a feeling that we need to be in a place where people are really cool, the environment is amazing and the thoughts are fresh. The attempts to get there are innumerous. The radar captures and the heart takes us there. It’s not that simple. But it’s like that. This place is completely idealized and changeable to each one, so we realized that all the people on the market want the same joy ride. And they also idealize this imaginary place. We even realized that getting at this such special place is not a destiny, but a journey. And standing still is not and must not be a solution.

3. Brain upgrade

Absorbing new content, new ways of thinking, sharpen up sensibility and intuition, go far beyond fulfilling yourself of different courses about entrepreneurship, business, management or so. The upgrade here is about self consciousness. Knowing people that are not necessarily from communication market, listening to other stories that are not about business success VS failure, getting to know diverse realities that don’t touch agencies, startups and companies, living experiences that surpass rush time or happy hour. Opening your mind in order to have a peripheral vision of your own reality, so you can give a new dimension to each new step of this journey of brain expansion.

4. After reset

If 2016 was the year of resetting, rethinking and restarting, 2017 is the year of put it all into practice. A year of not postponing. Of knowing where you want to be in short, medium and long term, and make it happen. And that’s OK if it’s not what you’re expecting. It’s OK if you need to change your plans through time. It’s OK to change ideas, you also change all the time, don’t you? And everything will work out, will be alright. But only if you don’t stand still.